Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Animal Portraiture

"Sledge in Heaven," Oil on Panel, '07 Commission, beloved companion Sledge making the angels jealous.
"Brooklyn," Oil on Canvas, '07 Commission
"River," Oil on Canvas, '07 Commission
"Pat Forever," Oil on Panel '08 Commission

"Chelsie Girl," Oil on Canvas, '08 Commission
Examples of commissioned pet portraits '06-'08


"Post Rock-apocolypse," Oil on Canvas, '08 Commission, client requested portrait in a devastated San Francisco landscape with lots of guitars and alien doll creatures.
"Make-out Point," Oil on Canvas, Oh Deer! Series, '07 Commission,
"Campfire Songs," Oil on Canvas, Oh Deer! Series, '07 Commission,
"Chicken Fight," Oil on Canvas, Oh Deer! Series, '07 Commission,

Examples of illustration work 07-08

Landscapes & Still Life

"Little Peach," '04
"Half Moon Beach," '06, SOLD
"Mouthguard Meets Retainer," '08, SOLD

"the Sprinkler," '06, $600
"Golden Gate Dino," '07, Private Collection

Various landscapes from around the Bay Area as well as my still life works

Hello, and Welcome to My Home

Hello and thanks for visiting! This is the site to find out all you need in order to commission some artwork from me, pet portrait or otherwise. Have fun exploring, and please shoot me an email if you would like information on pricing, which is dependent on size, complexity and medium of the work. Thanks again!